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FOR SALE! Modern design yacht 18 m in length, width 4.66m, draft 1m, 13m waterline, 3 rooms, 3 toilettes, kitchen, salon. Gibraltar 60gt (18m) ultimate motor yacht, 3 cabins, 3 bathrooms all include showers, full kitchen, spacious salon. Designed and build to high standards, her tremendously strong hull, equal to strength of same length Pilot life-savig boats, (particular builder was AWARDED – World Best Pilot Boat Builder, and recognised as world toughest boat builder). Our design is taken even further, we didn’t reduce on strength, we nightly optimised structure/composites using stronger materials to cut out some unproven weight, combined with vented stepped hull its close to 30% faster (35 vs 25 knots, at the same power), Kit version starts at 250 000€ + TAX, Includes; paint finished composite hul and deck (biax vyil coated), with complete internal structure, “fit all” versatile engine stringers ready to accepts most common engines as MAN R6-800, Volvo D9-11, CAT12, Cumins etc.., even triple SurfaceDrive/or VOLVO IPS package, comes with IMCI CE tag. LOA w platfrom 18m Max dispacement 21t Hull length 16.4m Max beam 4.6mm Max draught 1m Speed 35 or 50knot version CE Certification, Oceangoing, Class A, up to 50 knots (class limit)

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

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